About Us

EMM was founded in New York City in 2017 by a group of musicians, music-lovers, and young professionals.  Our mission is to grow the jazz community and will make sure that people all over the world develop an appreciation for the finest and most impactful jazz musicians of the contemporary era. We will increase the exposure and reach of all of our artists by promoting them through all of our social media and by having their masterclasses subtitled in the most used languages in the world.

Thorough research, we crafted these masterclasses with the most sought out topics on the jazz community. Our masterclasses offer insight into the mind of the greatest jazz musicians of our generation regarding melodic development, advanced harmonic approaches, odd time signatures, and voice leading.

We aim to expand the jazz community and offer a connection with the jazz scene in NYC to exponentially grow the audience of this beautiful art form. Increasing the exposure of the top artists will make jazz be a leader of the music community once again and will benefit the artists so that they can truly fulfill their vision and create the most compelling and exciting music they can.

Jazz is one of the best art forms in the world and we with our platform we will make jazz education accessible to anyone in the world that wants to be mentored by the top artists in NYC. Elite Music Mentor will allow it’s users to fulfill their dreams of getting an insight into the mind of their greatest idols.